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Charlotte Flair: I want AEW to do well

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WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair recently discussed her fiance Andrade El Idolo wrestling for AEW and how she wants the promotion to “do well.”

Appearing on Hot 97, the SmackDown Women’s Champion revealed that she and Andrade want each other to be successful no matter where they are working.

“In terms of my fiance, I think everyone likes to dream and play with this, ’˜oh my gosh, he’s over there and she’s here. And she’s going to leave or he’s going to leave.’ No, he wants to be successful, I want to be successful,” Flair began.

“We encourage each other. I don’t tease things for attention, or put things out there so I can get clicks or likes and get attention, like, ’˜oh, she liked an AEW tweet'” the SmackDown Women’s Champion continued.

“Come on, guys, I’ve been the face of the women’s division in WWE for how long now? And my fiance made a decision, what I think was best for him.

“But just because he’s at another company doesn’t mean there needs to be drama behind it. If anything, we want both companies to do well for the competition” Charlotte Flair concluded.

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There is a very slim chance that she will ever see Charlotte Flair leave WWE to join another promotion, especially as she is such a prominent member of the roster.

Having said that, never say never in pro wrestling, and if All Elite are able to offer Flair a deal that is better than her current WWE deal then she may opt to leave.

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