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Charlotte Flair shares INCREDIBLE rehab footage online

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In an inspiring display of resilience and determination, Charlotte Flair, the renowned former WWE Women’s Champion, has recently shared footage of her rehabilitation process following a severe knee injury.

This update comes as a beacon of hope for her fans, showcasing her commitment to returning to the ring.

WWE News: The Injury and Its Aftermath

In December, during a WWE SmackDown match against Asuka, Flair suffered a significant setback. A complex injury involving her ACL, MCL, and meniscus occurred when she twisted her knee in a corner spot.

This incident halted her impressive babyface run, which had been highlighted by a victory over Damage CTRL in the Women’s WarGames Match at Survivor Series in November.

Following the injury, Flair underwent surgery in Birmingham, Alabama, earlier this month. Since then, she has been dedicated to her rehabilitation, a journey she is now sharing with the world.

WWE News: Glimpses of Her Rehabilitation Journey

Flair took to her Instagram Story to share her progress, a move that has garnered much attention and support from her fans and the wrestling community.

The footage, which shows her post-stitch removal, is a testament to her strength and dedication. It’s not just about physical recovery; it’s about the mental and emotional resilience required to overcome such a challenging setback.

The Road to Recovery

The road to recovery for an athlete of Flair’s calibre is both physically demanding and mentally challenging. Her journey is an embodiment of the strength and perseverance required to overcome such significant injuries.

Fans and fellow athletes alike are drawing inspiration from her determination.


  • What injury did Charlotte Flair sustain?
    • Flair suffered a severe knee injury, damaging her ACL, MCL, and meniscus.
  • When did Charlotte Flair undergo surgery?
    • She underwent surgery earlier this month in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • How long is Charlotte Flair expected to be out of action?
    • The recovery period for such an injury typically ranges from 9 to 12 months.
  • Where can fans view her rehab footage?
    • Flair has shared her rehab footage on her Instagram Story.
  • What was Charlotte Flair’s status before the injury?
    • She was on a successful babyface run, including a win at the Women’s WarGames Match at Survivor Series.
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