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Charlotte Flair shares UPDATE following surgery

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Charlotte Flair, the renowned WWE superstar, has recently undergone knee surgery in Birmingham, Alabama. This development comes after she sustained a knee injury last month on SmackDown.

Fans of Flair have been eagerly awaiting updates on her condition and recovery process.

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Charlotte Flair: Road to Recovery

In a candid update shared on TikTok, Flair revealed her post-surgery progress. Demonstrating remarkable resilience, she moved her knee for the first time since the operation.

This significant milestone in her recovery was accompanied by her undertaking two sets of ten attempted bodyweight squats.

Flair’s positive attitude towards her recovery is evident in her statement, “Day 2 & I’m loving every challenge. No pain.. No Gain.”

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The Impact on Her Career

The severity of Flair’s injury means that she is expected to be out of action for six to nine months. This hiatus is a significant blow to her wrestling career, as it sidelines her from several upcoming events and potential title opportunities.

However, Flair’s determination and dedication to her rehabilitation suggest that she is focused on making a strong comeback.

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  • What injury did Charlotte Flair sustain?
    • Charlotte Flair underwent surgery for a knee injury.
  • How long will Flair be out of action?
    • She is expected to miss six to nine months of action.
  • Where did Flair undergo her surgery?
    • The surgery took place in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • How is Flair sharing her recovery updates?
    • Flair has been updating fans about her recovery on TikTok.
  • When did Flair start her wrestling career?
    • She began training with WWE in 2012.
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