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Charlotte Flair: WWE Hall of Famer says would “kill him” in a match

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A WWE Hall of Famer has said that he wants to see Charlotte Flair in a WWE ring against male competitors, but that she would “kill him.”

Speaking to TMZ, X-Pac said that he would not want to get in the ring with the SmackDown Women’s Champion, but he would like to see her wrestle male competitors.

“You know, I’m open-minded about all that. I mean, obviously, I come from an older school of thought, so it’s weird for some of us older cats to see that, but I think we should be open to that, man” X-Pac noted.

“Plus, she’s incredible. She’s an alpha female if there ever was one” the 2x WWE Hall of Famer continued discussing the Queen of WWE.

X-Pac on Charlotte Flair

When asked if he himself would get in the ring with the reigning champ, he said: “She’d kill me. She’d f***ing kill me.”

It would certainly be interesting to see Flair mix it up with some of the male competitors in WWE. One match that has been posed in the past is Flair vs AJ Styles, and that could certainly be a great contest with two of the very best in WWE.

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