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Chelsea Green reveals BIG change to her WWE look

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Chelsea Green, a prominent figure in the WWE universe, has recently made headlines with a significant transformation to her appearance.

Fans who have followed her journey in the wrestling world know her for her distinctive hair. However, Chelsea has decided to embrace a new shade, leaving many of her followers in awe.

Chelsea Green’s return to WWE was marked by her adoption of the ‘Karen’ character, which garnered a fair amount of attention and success. But the latest buzz isn’t about her in-ring antics or her character development. It’s about her hair.

The former “Hot Mess” has ditched her signature blonde locks for a darker hue.

Chelsea Green: The Big Reveal

Chelsea chose a rather minimalist approach to announce her new look. She posted a picture of her newly dyed hair on Twitter/X for fans to check out.

Accompanying the image was a succinct caption that read, “She’s back.” This change was unexpected for many fans who had grown accustomed to her blonde persona.

But the consensus is clear: Chelsea Green, whether blonde or brunette, continues to captivate her audience.

What Lies Ahead for Chelsea?

Currently, Chelsea Green holds one-half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship title, sharing the honour with Piper Niven.

While some superstitiously believe she’s under a ‘curse’, there’s hope that her new brunette look might just be the charm to dispel such notions.

As always, the wrestling community will be keenly watching her next moves, both inside and outside the ring.


  • Q: Why did Chelsea Green change her hair colour? A: Chelsea Green has not explicitly stated the reason behind her decision to go brunette. However, she revealed her new look with a caption that simply read, “She’s back.”
  • Q: Who is Chelsea Green’s tag team partner in WWE? A: Chelsea Green is currently one-half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, partnering with Piper Niven.
  • Q: What was Chelsea Green’s character in WWE before the change? A: Before her recent transformation, Chelsea Green portrayed a character known as ‘Karen’, which saw a considerable amount of success.
  • Q: Has Chelsea Green made any other significant changes in WWE recently? A: Apart from her change in appearance, Chelsea Green returned to WWE after Triple H took over and adopted the ‘Karen’ character.
  • Q: How have fans reacted to Chelsea Green’s new look? A: The fans have had mixed reactions. While many applaud her for the bold change, others are still getting used to her new appearance.
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