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Chelsea Green PULLED from WWE event

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In a surprising turn of events, professional wrestler Chelsea Green was unexpectedly pulled from a WWE match scheduled in her hometown of Vancouver.

This development left many fans and followers of the WWE universe puzzled and disappointed.

Unexpected Change in WWE Event Line-Up

Chelsea Green, a celebrated Canadian wrestler and former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, was slated to appear in a dark match following last week’s SmackDown.

However, plans changed abruptly, and instead, Bianca Belair took her place in the ring. The reason behind this last-minute switch remains unclear.

Green’s participation in the event had been highly anticipated by her hometown audience. Her absence from the ring was not only a letdown for her fans but also a missed opportunity for Green to showcase her talent in front of a supportive home crowd.

Chelsea Green: Her Rising Career

Chelsea Green has been making significant strides in her wrestling career. Known for her dynamic presence and athletic prowess, Green has garnered a substantial following.

Her journey in WWE has been marked by notable achievements, including her tenure as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.

The incident in Vancouver raises questions about the direction of Green’s career and her future appearances in WWE events. Fans eagerly await updates on her next steps and potential upcoming matches.


  • Why was Chelsea Green pulled from the WWE event in Vancouver?
    • The specific reason for Green being pulled from the event remains undisclosed.
  • Who replaced Chelsea Green in the match?
    • Bianca Belair replaced Chelsea in the dark match following SmackDown.
  • Is there any update on Chelsea Green’s future WWE appearances?
    • As of now, there are no specific updates on Chelsea Green’s future appearances in WWE events.
  • Has the WWE commented on this change?
    • The WWE has not yet released an official statement regarding the change in the event lineup.
  • What is Chelsea known for in her WWE career?
    • Chelsea Green is known for her dynamic wrestling style and was a former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.
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