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WWE Superstar being considered for BIG PUSH following WrestleMania 40

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WWE Superstar Chelsea Green appears to be on the docket for a big push in 2024 following WrestleMania XL. Here is what we know:

One of our more tenured sources reached out to us regarding the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, noting that management has been extremely impressed with her work since returning at the Royal Rumble 2023, and that will hopefully be translated into a renewed singles push next year.

“Chelsea Green may be in for a push of sorts after WrestleMania 40 leading into the summer, I don’t have the full details right now but she is one heavily considered for a push in 2024” is what we were told.

Green has been one of the most entertaining parts of WWE RAW programming over the past year, so seeing that she should be getting rewarded for that hard work is great.

Chelsea Green WWE Big Push

Plans can of course always change, but considering how Green has been performing well, almost on the periphery of WWE programming even as a Champion, it’s not a shock to believe that management would be considering her for a bigger role next year.

We haven’t been able to establish whether or not this means she will be pushed towards a singles title next year, but that would certainly make the most sense.

We will hopefully be able to get more updates on this as we head into WrestleMania XL season, although as noted Green’s potential big push won’t likely be till after the ‘Show of Shows’ in 2024.

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