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WWE SNUBBING legend who works for AEW

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, rivalries extend beyond the ring, often spilling into the realms of corporate strategy and public relations. A recent development in the ongoing tussle between WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and AEW (All Elite Wrestling) underscores this point.

WWE, a titan in the wrestling industry, appears to be deliberately overlooking the achievements of a wrestling legend now associated with AEW, Chris Jericho, in the lead-up to a significant match at Survivor Series.

Chris Jericho: The Ignored WWE Record Holder in AEW

Chris Jericho, a name synonymous with wrestling excellence, holds a record in WWE that is on the verge of being equalled. At Survivor Series, The Miz is set to challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship.

Should The Miz emerge victorious, it would mark his ninth IC Title win, tying him with Jericho’s record. However, WWE’s promotional material for this event conspicuously omits any mention of Jericho as the current record holder.

WWE: Selective Recognition and Ignoring AEW Stars

This omission is not an isolated incident but part of a pattern where WWE refrains from acknowledging Jericho’s contributions and achievements.

The WWE website, while highlighting The Miz’s pursuit of the record, diverts attention to other records and wrestlers, such as Pedro Morales, a WWE Hall of Famer.

This selective recognition raises questions about WWE’s approach to its history, especially concerning wrestlers who have moved to rival promotions like AEW.

The Broader Context

The wrestling community is no stranger to WWE’s tendency to rewrite or selectively remember its history, particularly when it involves talent currently associated with competitors.

This strategy, while understandable from a business standpoint, often leads to a skewed portrayal of the industry’s rich and interconnected history.

Chris Jericho’s case is a prime example of this phenomenon, where his significant contributions to WWE are downplayed due to his current affiliation with AEW.


  • Who is Chris Jericho?
    • Chris Jericho is a renowned professional wrestler currently associated with AEW. He has a storied career in WWE, where he holds the record for the most Intercontinental Championship wins.
  • What is the controversy surrounding WWE and Chris Jericho?
    • WWE is seemingly ignoring Chris Jericho’s record as the wrestler with the most Intercontinental Championship wins in their promotional material for the upcoming Survivor Series, where The Miz could tie this record.
  • Why is WWE ignoring Jericho’s achievements?
    • This is likely due to Jericho’s current association with AEW, a rival wrestling promotion. WWE has a history of downplaying or omitting the achievements of wrestlers who are no longer with the company, especially if they are with a competitor.
  • What is the significance of the Intercontinental Championship?
    • The Intercontinental Championship is a prestigious title in WWE, often held by wrestlers who are considered to be rising stars or solid mid-card performers.
  • Will WWE acknowledge Jericho’s record if The Miz ties it?
    • It’s uncertain. WWE’s current promotional strategy suggests they might continue to overlook Jericho’s record, but the situation could change depending on various factors, including fan reaction and internal decisions.
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