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Chris Jericho: WWE Superstar tells him to “take a joke”

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WWE Superstar Shotzi Blackheart recently spoke to TalkSport. The former NXT Superstar discussed several topics during the interview, including the joke that she made about AEW star Chris Jericho’s bump from the top of the cage at AEW Blood & Guts.

‘I meant no offence to Chris Jericho,’ Shotzi clarified during the interview. ‘I thought, honestly, the match was great. But, you know what, like, take a joke, Take a joke, bud!”

“It’s just a GIF. Laugh at it and move on” Shotzi continued, making light of the situation. “It’s live TV. Things happen, it’s pro wrestling. Don’t take life too seriously is all I have to say.’

Chris Jericho suffered a legitimate elbow injury from the fall, which Shotzi made out was like landing on a mattress, due to the cardboard boxes that were lining the ground.

Chris Jericho on Shotzi Blackheart

‘Anybody that bags on somebody who’s taking a chance and putting their bodies on the line can really f*** off,’ Jericho stated shortly after he saw the response online.

‘Especially people in the business. I could say some names. There’s a couple of chicks in WWE who said some stuff and they should probably not have said that” Chris Jericho added.

“They probably weren’t trained any better, and in 6 months they’ll probably be asking us for a job anyways and I’ll remember that, so we’ll leave it at that’ Jericho concluded.

Here’s the current lineup for the next episode of AEW Dynamite: Homecoming.

  • TNT Championship Match ’“ Miro (c) vs Lee Johnson
  • Cody Rhodes vs Malakai Black
  • The Bunny vs Leyla Hirsch
  • Christian Cage vs The Blade
  • The Trials of Jericho: Chris Jericho vs Juventud Guerrera ’“ Jericho must win with a move from the top rope

AEW Dynamite is available to watch each and every week on TNT Network in the United States. The show is also available for viewers outside of the US on FITE TV as part of the AEW+ subscription service.

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