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The Christmas Creature: The most BIZZARE gimmick ever, played by KANE?

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In the annals of professional wrestling, few gimmicks have stirred as much bewilderment as the Christmas Creature. This bizarre character, a brainchild of the Memphis-area wrestling scene, notably the United States Wrestling Association (USWA), stands as a testament to the wild and often inexplicable world of wrestling gimmicks.

But perhaps the most surprising fact about this tinsel-clad titan is the man behind the mask: none other than Glenn Jacobs, better known to wrestling fans worldwide as Kane.

The Christmas Creature made its debut in the USWA, introduced by Brian Christopher and Memphis manager Bert Prentice. The character, adorned in glittery Christmas decoration tinsel and candy cane stripes, was a sight to behold.

Despite Christopher’s enthusiastic promotion, the Creature was met with indifference by the studio audience. Its appearance was so outlandish that even the tinsel began to come loose by the end of its first match.

Kane: Before the Mask as The Christmas Creature

Before becoming the iconic Kane, Glenn Jacobs endured a string of peculiar gimmicks, with the Christmas Creature being just the start.

Following this, Jacobs transformed into Unibomb, Doomsday, and even The Fake Diesel. These early roles showcased his versatility and resilience in an industry known for its often unforgiving nature towards bizarre characters.

The Creature’s Legacy

The Christmas Creature, despite its short-lived and somewhat comical tenure, played a significant role in Jacobs’ career.

It demonstrated the often unpredictable path wrestlers must navigate in their journey to stardom. Jerry Lawler, a key figure in Memphis wrestling and later a colleague of Jacobs in WWE, occasionally referenced the Christmas Creature gimmick, highlighting its lasting, albeit humorous, impact.

Wrestling Gimmicks: A Reflection of Creativity and Desperation

The story of the Christmas Creature is a perfect example of the lengths to which wrestling bookers would go to create new and unique characters.

In the competitive world of professional wrestling, especially in regional promotions like the USWA, outlandish gimmicks were often a gamble to capture audience attention.

While some, like the Crimbo Creature, fizzled, others laid the groundwork for greater success. You can check out more about this bizarre…thing, on WrestleCrap.

Kane’s Transformation

The journey from the Xmas Creature to Kane is a remarkable transformation. Kane, with his ominous presence and captivating storyline, became one of the most enduring characters in WWE history.

This transition from a forgettable gimmick to a legendary persona underscores the unpredictable nature of wrestling careers and the importance of perseverance.


  • Who played the Christmas Creature?
    • Glenn Jacobs, who later became famous as Kane in WWE, portrayed the Creature.
  • What was the Christmas Creature’s gimmick?
    • The gimmick was a wrestler dressed in Christmas-themed attire, complete with tinsel and candy cane stripes.
  • Was the Christmas Creature a successful character?
    • No, it was met with indifference and is often remembered for its outlandishness rather than success.
  • How did the Christmas Creature impact Glenn Jacobs’ career?
    • It was one of several early gimmicks that Jacobs portrayed before finding fame as Kane.
  • Did the Creature have a long tenure in wrestling?
    • No, the gimmick was short-lived and is more of a humorous footnote in wrestling history.
  • What does the Christmas Creature tell us about wrestling gimmicks?
    • It highlights the creative risks taken in wrestling to create unique and memorable characters, though not all are successful.
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