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Former WWE Superstar reveals why she is FORBIDDEN from starting an Onlyfans account

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In the ever-evolving world of social media and online platforms, many celebrities and influencers have turned to OnlyFans as a means of connecting with their fans on a more personal level. However, not everyone has jumped on this bandwagon. CJ Perry, better known to WWE fans as Lana, recently shed light on why she hasn’t started an OnlyFans account.

CJ Perry, during her time in WWE, was known for her captivating presence and her ability to draw attention.

Post-WWE, she has continued to engage with her fans through her “Brand Army” paywall account. This platform has been a point of contention between Perry and her husband, Miro, a fellow wrestler.

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CJ Perry and Miro: The OnlyFans Compromise for the former WWE Superstar

In a candid interview with Haus of Wrestling, Perry revealed the reason behind her absence from OnlyFans. She stated, “I am not on OnlyFans because my husband said I would get papers in the mail if I did it. This is the compromise.”

While she didn’t delve into the specifics of what these “papers” might be, it’s clear that Miro has strong feelings about her joining the platform.

Perry further added, “I can’t say he likes it. I can’t say that he’s fond of it by any means. But, you know, life is life. So there’s that.”

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Cultural Differences and Challenges

One of the intriguing aspects of Perry’s relationship with Miro is the cultural differences they navigate daily. Perry emphasised the challenges of reconciling her American upbringing with Miro’s Bulgarian background.

“It’s always a catch-22 with him, and I have to remind myself on a daily basis that he’s Bulgarian; he’s not American,” she remarked.

Perry, who has spent time in Eastern Europe, often finds herself grappling with the cultural disparities. She mentioned, “I think a lot of our conflict has happened, has a lot of times, if I’m real, can be culturally a little bit too.”

This cultural dynamic adds another layer to their relationship, making their public and private decisions all the more intriguing to fans.

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In Search of Understanding for the former WWE stars

Perry’s quest for understanding and harmony in her relationship has led her to seek professional help.

She expressed her desire to find a Bulgarian-American therapist who can better understand and navigate the cultural nuances that play a significant role in their relationship.

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  • Who is CJ Perry?
    • CJ Perry, popularly known as Lana in WWE, is an American professional wrestling manager, model, actress, dancer, and singer.
  • Why doesn’t CJ Perry have an OnlyFans account?
    • Perry revealed that her husband, Miro, would not approve of her joining the platform and even mentioned receiving “papers in the mail” if she did.
  • What is the “Brand Army” paywall account?
    • It’s a platform where Perry engages with her fans. The specifics of the content and interactions on this platform are not detailed in the source.
  • How do cultural differences impact Perry’s decisions?
    • Perry and Miro often navigate challenges arising from their different cultural backgrounds, with Perry being American and Miro being Bulgarian. These differences sometimes influence their decisions and interactions.
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