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Major WWE Clash at the Castle botch explained by former writer

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A former WWE writer has explained how a major botch took place in the production of the WWE Clash at the Castle event this past weekend.

Roman Reigns would defeat Drew McIntyre in the main event of the show, and just after the bout Tyson Fury would enter the ring and start singing with the Scottish Superstar.

It was a very odd ending to the Premium Live Event, and it turns out that fans watching at home weren’t actually meant to see it.

WWE Clash at the Castle Ending Botch

Speaking on his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr claimed that the production crew were meant to stop rolling after the match ended.

“The end of the match was weird because they forgot to say cut, I know this for a fact. I asked a couple of people” Prinze Jr stated.

“They left the feed running and all of a sudden Drew McIntyre was feeling good, Tyson Fury came out to the ring, and they sang ‘Sweet Caroline’ after a loss. It was so weird” Prinze Jr concluded.

It certainly makes sense, as it was a very odd way for the company to end proceedings. At least now we know that it wasn’t meant to make the air and should’ve just been for the audience in attendance to send them home ‘happy.’

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