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CM Punk: ANOTHER Tease Dropped on WWE SmackDown This Week

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The world of professional wrestling is abuzz with speculation and excitement as another hint pointing towards the return of CM Punk to WWE surfaced on the latest episode of SmackDown.

This tease, dropped by none other than Corey Graves, has sent fans into a frenzy of analysis and conjecture.

CM Punk WWE Return: The Subtle Hint by Corey Graves

During the broadcast, Corey Graves made a remark about Kevin Owens that keen fans recognized as a nod to a classic CM Punk promo.

Graves commented, “Kevin Owens became a monster to fight the monsters of the world.” This line, reminiscent of Punk’s style and rhetoric and something that he literally said in Ring of Honor, was more than enough to set the internet wrestling community alight with theories and discussions.

Fan Speculation and the WWE Landscape

Despite a clear statement from a tenured member of the WWE team that there is no interest in bringing CM Punk back, especially considering the controversial end to his tenure with AEW, fans are eager to connect the dots.

This latest incident is not the first time fans have perceived hints of Punk’s return, and it likely won’t be the last. Triple H has even commented privately on how fans often see CM Punk teases where there are none.

However, this does not deter the WWE universe from speculating and hoping for a surprise return, especially with Survivor Series around the corner in Chicago, a city synonymous with CM Punk.

The Impact of CM Punk and his Legacy

CM Punk’s legacy in WWE is undeniable. His influence and popularity continue to resonate with fans, years after his departure.

The mere suggestion of his return, whether real or imagined, generates significant buzz and excitement. This ongoing interest in Punk highlights the lasting impact he has had on the wrestling world.

The Reality of a CM Punk Return

While fans are eager to see Punk back in the WWE ring, the reality might be different. Given the circumstances of his exit from both WWE and AEW, a return seems unlikely, at least in the immediate future.

There are also rumours of Punk potentially joining other wrestling promotions like NJPW or TNA Wrestling, which could be more plausible avenues for his return to the ring.


  • What did Corey Graves say on WWE SmackDown? Corey Graves made a comment about Kevin Owens that echoed a classic Punk promo, leading to speculation about Punk’s return.
  • Is CM Punk returning to WWE? There is no official confirmation about Punk returning to WWE. The situation is currently based on fan speculation and teases.
  • Why is CM Punk’s return to WWE doubtful? Given the controversial circumstances of his departure from WWE and AEW, a return to WWE seems unlikely in the near future.
  • Could Punk join another wrestling promotion? There are rumours about CM Punk potentially joining other promotions like NJPW or TNA Wrestling, but nothing is confirmed.
  • Why is CM Punk still popular among fans? CM Punk’s influence and legacy in WWE have left a lasting impact, making him a significant and popular figure in the wrestling world.
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