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CM Punk appears BACKSTAGE at recent TNA Wrestling tapings amid WWE return rumours

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The wrestling community is buzzing with the latest news surrounding CM Punk, the iconic wrestler who has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Recently, Punk made a surprise appearance backstage at the IMPACT Wrestling television tapings in Chicago, according to a new report from Haus of Wrestling, sparking a flurry of speculation and excitement among fans and insiders alike.

CM Punk’s presence backstage was unexpected, to say the least. He reportedly arrived shortly before the tapings began, around 6:30 pm, and proceeded to the locker room area.

This isn’t the first time Punk has been spotted at an IMPACT event. He previously attended one back in April, which had generated significant buzz, especially in the wake of the All Out media scrum incident before his AEW Collision return.

CM Punk: Conversations with Key IMPACT Talent

While backstage, Punk didn’t waste any time. He engaged in conversations with anyone who wished to speak with him, including some of the key IMPACT talent. His interactions were reportedly cordial, and the talent seemed accustomed to his presence, likely due to his visit earlier in the year.

The Ace Steel Connection

Interestingly, Punk’s close friend, Ace Steel, was also backstage during the recent IMPACT Bound For Glory event. There were considerations to use Steel on screen, but the decision was ultimately against it, possibly to avoid inadvertently hinting at Punk’s appearance on the show.

Despite their close ties, Punk and Steel didn’t spend much time together during the tapings. Steel, who also served as a producer, received a warm welcome from the backstage crew and appeared content to be back at work.

WWE Return Rumours

The wrestling world has been rife with speculation about Punk’s potential return to WWE, especially with the upcoming Survivor Series in Chicago.

However, sources suggest that WWE has declined the opportunity to bring Punk back into their fold. This has only intensified the curiosity surrounding Punk’s future in wrestling, especially after his departure from AEW earlier in September.


  • Did CM Punk appear on screen during the IMPACT tapings?
    • No, Punk was backstage but did not make an on-screen appearance.
  • Has Punk returned to WWE?
    • As of now, there are only rumours about his return, but WWE has reportedly declined the chance to bring him back.
  • When was Punk last seen at an IMPACT event?
    • Punk previously attended an IMPACT event in April.
  • Who is Ace Steel in relation to CM Punk?
    • Ace Steel is a close friend of CM Punk and was also backstage during the recent IMPACT event.
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