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CM Punk: Here’s how he is PERCEIVED backstage in WWE right now

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CM Punk, a name that resonates with a unique blend of admiration and controversy in the world of professional wrestling, has always been a figure of intrigue.

His return to WWE was met with a heartwarming response, but it also raised questions about how this would play out, especially considering his tumultuous history with the company and his recent stint in AEW.

CM Punk: Current Backstage Persona

Mike Johnson, speaking on the PWInsider Elite show, shed light on Punk’s current backstage demeanour. He is described as relaxed, happy, and engaging in light-hearted interactions with his peers.

This is a notable shift from the intense and often confrontational Punk known from his previous WWE tenure. Even those who were initially sceptical about his return have reportedly developed a positive sentiment towards him.

The Fear of a Reversion

Despite the current positive outlook, there is an underlying fear among fans and possibly within WWE itself.

Punk’s history in the company is marked by moments of intense frustration and rebellion, most notably when he left the company back in 2014.

There’s a concern that the charm of his return might wear off, leading him to revert to his more confrontational persona.

The Rollins-Punk Dynamic

Adding to the intrigue is Punk’s interaction with Seth Rollins.

At Survivor Series, Rollins’ apparent on-screen animosity towards Punk was a scripted part of their storyline, leading to a feud.

This has been a point of speculation among fans, with some wondering if there was genuine tension between the two.

CM Punk: Future in WWE

As Punk navigates his current run in WWE, questions linger about his long-term prospects and how he will adapt to the evolving landscape of the company.

Maintaining a positive backstage presence will be crucial in shaping his role and influence within WWE.


  • What is CM Punk’s current attitude backstage in WWE?
    • CM Punk is currently perceived as relaxed, happy, and engaging positively with his peers.
  • Are there concerns about CM Punk’s attitude in WWE?
    • Yes, there are fears that he might revert to his more confrontational persona from his previous tenure.
  • Was the tension between Seth Rollins and CM Punk real?
    • The tension seen on-screen was part of a scripted storyline and not indicative of real-life animosity.
  • How has CM Punk’s return been received by fans and peers?
    • Punk’s return was met with a heartwarming response, and even those initially sceptical have developed a positive sentiment towards him.
  • Is CM Punk’s current positive demeanour expected to last?
    • While he is currently in a positive phase, there is speculation about whether this will be a lasting change.
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