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CM Punk: MASSIVE Clause in WWE Contract Rumoured

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After nearly a decade away from the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) roster, CM Punk and his return has been nothing short of controversial.

The wrestling world was abuzz when Punk, previously a star in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), made his unexpected comeback at Survivor Series.

However, his return was met with mixed reactions, especially considering his departure from AEW following a backstage incident at AEW All In at Wembley Stadium.

CM Punk: The Rumoured Behaviour Clause

Amidst this backdrop, a significant development has emerged regarding Punk’s WWE contract. Sources from Fightful Select, along with multiple other outlets, have hinted at a unique aspect of Punk’s contract: a ‘behaviour clause’.

This clause, as reported, is designed to ensure that Punk maintains a certain standard of conduct while under contract with WWE.

It’s crucial to note that while this clause has been widely discussed backstage, there has been no official confirmation of its existence.

The speculation arose following Punk’s reportedly exemplary conduct at a recent Raw show, where he was said to be on his ‘best behaviour’.

Punk’s Status and Future in WWE

The specifics of CM Punk’s role and future in WWE remain a topic of considerable interest.

His roster status, as well as his potential impact on WWE storylines and events, are subjects of much speculation among fans and insiders alike.

FAQs About CM Punk and his new WWE Contract

  • What is the rumoured clause in CM Punk’s WWE contract?
    • It’s speculated that there is a ‘behaviour clause’ in CM Punk’s contract, although this has not been officially confirmed.
  • Why was CM Punk’s return to WWE controversial?
    • Punk’s return was controversial due to his abrupt departure from AEW following a backstage incident and his long absence from WWE.
  • Has CM Punk been on good behaviour since returning to WWE?
    • Reports suggest that CM Punk has been on his ‘best behaviour’ at recent WWE events.
  • What is the status of CM Punk in WWE?
    • While details are not fully clear, CM Punk’s role and future in WWE are subjects of ongoing speculation.
  • Is there official confirmation of the behaviour clause in Punk’s contract?
    • As of now, there is no official confirmation of the existence of a behaviour clause in CM Punk’s WWE contract.
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