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CM Punk makes CRYPTIC comments ahead of rumoured WWE return

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The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation following CM Punk’s recent cryptic comments. The former AEW star has dropped hints about his next move, leading many to believe that a WWE return might be on the horizon.

CM Punk’s association with AEW came to an abrupt end earlier this month. The termination of his contract was announced by AEW and Tony Khan on September 2nd, following an investigation into a backstage incident during AEW All In at Wembley Stadium.

However, Punk didn’t stay out of the limelight for long. On September 15, he made a public appearance as a commentator for Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC), marking his return to the organisation for their 125th card.

During this event, there was a subtle nod to his AEW situation. John Morgan, Punk’s co-host, hinted at discussing recent events, but Punk playfully dodged the topic.

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CM Punk: Hints at Future Plans

The most intriguing part of the evening came when Rob Haydak mentioned that Punk might have some free time.

Punk’s response? He confirmed that he indeed has “some time on his hands for the next two months.” This comment has set the rumour mill in motion, with fans and experts alike trying to decipher its meaning.

Interestingly, a clip of this exchange was shared by the UFC Fight Pass Twitter account. However, the video conveniently cut off just before Punk mentioned the “two months” timeframe.

The WWE Return Speculation

The wrestling community is rife with speculation about Punk’s next move. The timing of his comment has led many to believe that he might be gearing up for a return to WWE.

Adding fuel to this theory is the fact that WWE’s premium live event, Survivor Series 2023, is scheduled to take place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago on November 25, which aligns with the two-month timeline he mentioned.

WWE President Nick Khan has also weighed in on the possibility of Punk’s return, further intensifying the rumours.

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