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CM Punk: Current Relationship with WWE CONFIRMED

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The world of professional wrestling is often a whirlwind of rumours and speculation, particularly when it comes to the relationships between major players and organisations. One such topic that has been the subject of much discussion is the current status of CM Punk and his current relationship with WWE.

Recent developments have shed light on this, providing clarity to fans and industry observers alike.

CM Punk and WWE: The Current State of Affairs

Punk, a name synonymous with professional wrestling, has been a figure of immense interest since his departure from AEW.

His recent release from All Elite sparked a flurry of rumours about a potential return to WWE. However, as of November 20th, 2023, there are no ongoing discussions between Punk and WWE, as confirmed by Fightful Select:

“As of last night, we’re told WWE’s stance hadn’t changed on CM Punk at Survivor Series.”

WWE’s Stance on CM Punk

WWE has maintained a business-as-usual approach in the absence of CM Punk. Despite chants for Punk at various events, including WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia and during a match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Akira Tozawa on RAW, WWE is reportedly not any closer to signing a new deal with him.

A tenured member of the WWE team was claimed as saying, “There is no interest in CM Punk. The damage he did to AEW was as bad as what Vince Russo did to WCW” by Ringside News recently, but we cannot verify that independently right now.

Fan Sentiment and WWE’s Response

The chants for Punk at WWE events, particularly likely in Chicago at Survivor Series, indicate that he still holds a place in the hearts of many wrestling fans.

However, WWE’s mindset about Punk’s return isn’t swayed by these fan reactions. This stance reflects WWE’s focus on its current roster and storylines, rather than revisiting past relationships.


  • What is the current relationship status between Punk and WWE?
    • As of now, there are no ongoing discussions or plans for Punk to return to WWE.
  • Why is WWE not interested in bringing back Phil Brooks?
    • WWE perceives the impact of CM Punk’s actions on AEW as significantly negative, likening it to Vince Russo’s impact on WCW, and thus, they have no interest in re-engaging with him.
  • Have fans reacted to CM Punk’s absence from WWE?
    • Yes, fans have been chanting for CM Punk at various WWE events, indicating that he still has a strong fan base.
  • Will WWE’s stance on Punk change in the future?
    • While the world of professional wrestling is unpredictable, as of now, WWE’s stance on CM Punk does not seem likely to change based on fan reactions.
  • What has CM Punk been doing since leaving WWE?
    • CM Punk was involved with AEW until his recent release, which has been a major talking point in the wrestling community.
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