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CM Punk drops CRYPTIC message amid WWE return rumours

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CM Punk has been at the centre of a lot of debate over the past few months, and a new social media post from the former AEW Champion has fans talking again.

The former WWE superstar, who has been a free agent for the past couple of months, has recently stirred the pot with a cryptic message that has fans and pundits alike scratching their heads.

CM Punk: The Message That Set the World Talking

CM Punk, known for his candid nature and often controversial statements, took to Instagram to share a story that left many pondering.

The message read, “Sometimes your value isn’t seen until your absence is felt.”

While the message itself is open to interpretation, given the current climate of rumours surrounding Punk’s potential return to WWE, it’s hard not to connect the dots.

Other Wrestling Promotions Show Interest

It’s not just WWE that’s potentially in the running for Punk’s talents. TNA has expressed a keen interest in bringing the superstar onboard, though there are concerns about whether they can match the financial expectations Punk might have.

The NWA, under the leadership of Billy Corgan, has also extended an offer to Punk, albeit one that might be more about passion for the sport than a hefty paycheck.

The Big Question: Will He or Won’t He?

With the WWE’s Survivor Series event looming on the horizon, scheduled for November 25th at Chicago’s Allstate Arena, many are wondering if Punk will make a surprise appearance.

The event, being in Punk’s hometown, only adds fuel to the speculative fire. While nothing is confirmed, the anticipation is palpable, and fans are eagerly awaiting any sign of the ‘Second City Savior’s’ return.


  • What was CM Punk’s cryptic message?
    • “Sometimes your value isn’t seen until your absence is felt.”
  • Is CM Punk returning to WWE?
    • While there are strong rumours, there’s no official confirmation about Punk’s return to WWE.
  • Which other wrestling promotions are interested in CM Punk?
    • TNA and NWA have both shown interest in bringing CM Punk onboard.
  • When is the WWE’s Survivor Series event?
    • The event is scheduled for November 25th at Chicago’s Allstate Arena.
  • Why is CM Punk’s potential appearance at Survivor Series significant?
    • The event is taking place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, adding to the speculation of his return.
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