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WCW name claims that TWELVE YEAR OLDS could knock out CM Punk

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In a recent edition of the Spotlight podcast, former WCW star Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller made some bold statements regarding CM Punk‘s fighting abilities.

Miller, known for his candid opinions, expressed his disbelief in Punk’s prowess as a fighter, especially referencing his time in the UFC.

WWE News: Ernest Miller’s Critique of CM Punk

Miller, who has a background in both wrestling and martial arts, commented on Punk’s performance in the UFC. After leaving WWE in 2014, CM Punk ventured into the world of mixed martial arts, joining the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

However, his tenure there was less than stellar, with two losses, one of which was later overturned due to his opponent’s failed drug test.

Miller didn’t mince words when discussing Punk’s fighting skills. He stated, “I can look at someone and tell whether or not they can fight. When I looked at CM Punk fight, his real fight, I got 12-year-old kids who would knock CM Punk out. Make sure you write that.”

He went on to express his confusion about how Punk, after exposing himself as a subpar fighter, was still able to return to wrestling and maintain a tough persona.

The Contrast Between Wrestling and Real Fighting

This statement from Miller highlights a significant contrast between the world of professional wrestling and actual combat sports.

In wrestling, the emphasis is often on storytelling and character, whereas in combat sports like MMA, the focus is on actual fighting ability and technique.

WWE News: CM Punk’s Return to WWE

Despite his UFC setbacks, CM Punk made a return to WWE at Survivor Series in November, after nearly a decade away from the company. He is also set to compete in the upcoming Men’s Royal Rumble match.

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  • Who is Ernest Miller?
    • Ernest Miller is a former WCW wrestler and martial artist, known for his outspoken personality.
  • What did Ernest Miller say about CM Punk?
    • Miller claimed that even 12-year-old kids he trains could knock out CM Punk, criticizing his fighting ability.
  • Why is CM Punk’s UFC career notable?
    • CM Punk’s venture into UFC was notable due to his transition from professional wrestling to MMA, where he unfortunately had an unsuccessful stint.
  • Has CM Punk returned to WWE?
    • Yes, CM Punk returned to WWE at Survivor Series last November and is set to participate in the Men’s Royal Rumble match.
  • What does Miller’s statement signify about wrestling and fighting?
    • Miller’s statement underscores the difference between the theatrical nature of professional wrestling and the real fighting skills required in combat sports like MMA.
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