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CM Punk could be a MASSIVE factor in new WWE RAW TV rights deal

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the return of CM Punk to WWE RAW is creating ripples of excitement and speculation, particularly regarding the show’s upcoming television rights deal.

With WWE set to negotiate new contracts in 2024, Punk’s presence could significantly enhance the value of RAW’s television rights, potentially leading to a lucrative deal for the brand.

The Impact of CM Punk and his WWE Return

CM Punk, a renowned figure in the wrestling world, recently made headlines with his return to WWE RAW. This move comes at a crucial time, as WWE prepares to negotiate new television deals for its various brands.

NXT and SmackDown have already secured their future with The CW and The USA Network, respectively, starting in October 2024.

However, RAW’s deal remains in the balance, and Punk’s return could be a game-changer.

A Potential Boost in Television Rights Value

Dave Meltzer recently hinted at the significant impact Punk’s return could have on RAW’s television rights negotiations on Twitter/X.

Punk, known for drawing considerable attention and viewership, could be a key selling point in these discussions, especially with Warner Bros Discovery.

His influence extends beyond the ring, with his merchandise sales skyrocketing, further demonstrating his appeal and marketability: “Things are changing greatly. Let’s just say things changed greatly with Raw negotiations from a few weeks ago. And Punk is a huge part of the selling point.”

“One Bill Phil” and a potential Billion-Dollar Deal

An interesting anecdote surrounding CM Punk involves Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslov, who reportedly nicknamed him “One Bill Phil.”

This moniker suggests that Punk’s involvement in a show could secure a television rights deal worth around one billion dollars.

While this figure is speculative, it underscores the potential financial impact of Punk’s presence on WWE RAW.

CM Punk: Exclusive Contract with WWE RAW

Punk’s commitment to WWE RAW was cemented this week when he signed an exclusive contract with the brand.

This decision not only marks a significant moment in his career but also positions WWE RAW advantageously for its upcoming television rights negotiations.

The exact financial implications of this deal remain to be seen, but the prospects are undoubtedly promising.


  • What impact could CM Punk have on WWE RAW’s TV rights deal? CM Punk’s return could significantly increase the value of WWE RAW’s television rights, potentially leading to a more lucrative deal.
  • Why is CM Punk’s return to WWE RAW important? His return is crucial as it coincides with the upcoming negotiations for RAW’s television rights, and his popularity could attract higher bids.
  • Has CM Punk signed an exclusive contract with WWE RAW? Yes, CM Punk recently signed an exclusive contract with WWE RAW, solidifying his commitment to the brand.
  • What nickname did David Zaslov give CM Punk? Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslov reportedly nicknamed CM Punk “One Bill Phil,” suggesting his ability to secure a billion-dollar TV rights deal.
  • When will the new television deals for NXT and SmackDown begin? The new television deals for NXT and SmackDown will start in October 2024, with NXT airing on The CW and SmackDown on The USA Network.

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