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CM Punk: First WWE match back will NOT be on TV

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In a move that has sent ripples through the wrestling community, CM Punk, real name Phillip Jack Brooks, is set to make a grand return to the WWE ring after a hiatus of over nine years.

However, in a surprising twist, his comeback match will not be broadcast on television. Instead, Punk’s much-anticipated return will take place at the iconic Madison Square Garden during the WWE LIVE Holiday Tour on December 26th.

CM Punk: The Return of a Legend

CM Punk, a name synonymous with passion and controversy in the wrestling world, last graced the WWE universe in 2014.

His return marks a significant moment in wrestling history, as fans have eagerly awaited his in-ring comeback with the company.

Known for his outspoken nature and exceptional in-ring skills, Punk’s return is not just a nostalgic trip but a potential reshaping of the current wrestling landscape.

CM Punk WWE Return Match: A Non-Televised Spectacle

The decision to keep Punk’s return match off the television screens is a strategic one. It adds an exclusive allure to the live event, encouraging fans to experience the moment in person.

This approach also allows for a more intimate and electric atmosphere, something that Punk’s character thrives on.

Facing “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio

Punk’s opponent for this historic match is none other than “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio. Mysterio, a rising star in the wrestling world, presents an interesting contrast to Punk’s seasoned persona.

This match-up is not just a clash of generations but also a test of legacy versus emerging talent.

A Strategic Move by WWE

WWE’s decision to bring back Punk in a non-televised event is a testament to their understanding of the market dynamics.

It creates a buzz around live events, potentially boosting ticket sales and fan engagement. This strategy also allows WWE to gauge the audience’s reaction to Punk’s return, which could shape future storylines and television appearances.


  • When is CM Punk’s return match?
    • December 26, during the WWE LIVE Holiday Tour at Madison Square Garden.
  • Who is CM Punk facing in his return match?
    • “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio.
  • Will CM Punk’s return match be televised?
    • No, it’s a non-televised event exclusive to the live audience.
  • Why is CM Punk’s return match not on TV?
    • This strategy adds exclusivity to the live event and allows WWE to gauge audience reactions.
  • What does CM Punk’s return mean for WWE?
    • It signifies a potential shift in WWE’s dynamics, bringing a mix of nostalgia and new energy.
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