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WWE Superstar says people who don’t want CM Punk in the company are “STUPID”

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Recently, WWE star Grayson Waller shared his candid thoughts on the return of CM Punk to WWE, sparking a conversation among fans and insiders alike.

CM Punk, a name that resonates with intensity and controversy in the wrestling world, has been the subject of much speculation following his return to WWE.

Grayson Waller, known for his straightforward approach, didn’t mince words when discussing Punk’s potential comeback.

He expressed that anyone not wanting Punk back in WWE is simply “stupid.” This bold statement underscores the impact Punk has had on the industry and the excitement his return would generate.

Grayson Waller’s Perspective on CM Punk WWE Return

Waller, during his conversation with Adrian Hernandez, highlighted the positive energy surrounding Punk’s return.

He emphasised the current roster’s strength and the collaborative spirit among the wrestlers. According to Waller, everyone is striving to elevate the product without undermining each other – a testament to the healthy competitive environment in WWE.

Waller’s comments also reveal his personal growth and understanding of the industry since joining WWE. He admitted that his initial perceptions, influenced by the internet, changed after experiencing the backstage reality.

This insight offers a glimpse into the often misunderstood world of professional wrestling, where rumours and facts often intertwine.

The Impact of CM Punk

CM Punk’s return isn’t just about adding another superstar to the roster; it’s about bringing back a wrestler known for his incredible promos and captivating matches.

Punk’s ability to engage with the crowd and create compelling narratives is unmatched. His controversial nature only adds to the intrigue, making him a valuable asset to any wrestling promotion.

Training Connections: Waller and Ace Steel

Interestingly, Waller’s connection to Punk extends beyond mere admiration. He was trained by Ace Steel, a well-known associate of Punk, who played a significant role in Waller’s early career.

This connection adds a layer of personal significance to Waller’s comments, as he acknowledges the influence of Punk’s circle on his own journey in wrestling.


  • Who is Grayson Waller?
    • Grayson Waller is a WWE superstar known for his direct approach and impressive skills in the ring.
  • What did Grayson Waller say about CM Punk?
    • Waller stated that anyone who doesn’t want CM Punk back in WWE is “stupid,” emphasizing the positive impact Punk is having on the company.
  • Why is CM Punk’s return to WWE significant?
    • CM Punk is renowned for his exceptional promo skills, engaging matches, and controversial nature, making his return a major event in WWE.
  • Did Grayson Waller have any personal connection to CM Punk?
    • Yes, Waller was trained by Ace Steel in NXT, who is a known associate of CM Punk.
  • What does Waller’s comment reveal about the WWE environment?
    • It suggests a collaborative and competitive atmosphere among the wrestlers, with a shared goal of elevating the WWE product.
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