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CM Punk REPLACES WWE Superstar on advertising

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In somewhat of a surprising turn of events, CM Punk has replaced Jey Uso on the official Monday Night RAW banner. This development follows Punk’s confirmed signing with RAW, marking a significant shift in the WWE landscape.

CM Punk’s return to WWE has been a topic of mixed reactions within the wrestling community. While some superstars have expressed discontent, others, like Jey Uso, have maintained a neutral stance.

Punk’s replacement of Uso on the RAW banner symbolizes a new era for the red brand, as Punk brings his unique charisma and fan following back to WWE’s forefront.

CM Punk RAW Return: The Impact on Jey Uso

Jey Uso, a prominent figure himself now in WWE, had been a fixture on the RAW banner since his signing with the brand.

His removal to make way for CM Punk might raise eyebrows, but given the nature of the industry and Uso’s professional demeanour, it’s unlikely he will publicly comment on this change.

Both Uso and Punk are popular names in the wrestling world, and their mutual acknowledgement of each other’s prowess has been evident.

The Shifting Dynamics of WWE Advertising

The replacement of Jey Uso by CM Punk on the RAW banner is not an isolated incident in WWE’s dynamic world.

Recently, Randy Orton replaced the injured Charlotte Flair on the SmackDown banner, indicating WWE’s fluid approach to its branding and marketing strategies.

These changes reflect the organization’s responsiveness to shifts in wrestler popularity and storylines.

CM Punk’s Potential at WrestleMania 40

Looking ahead, CM Punk’s ambitions in WWE are sky-high. He is eyeing a victory in the Royal Rumble match, setting up a potential main event at WrestleMania 40.

A showdown between Punk and either Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins is highly anticipated, promising to deliver an electrifying build-up and match. Particularly, a Punk vs. Rollins match could be on the horizon, following their successful promo battle on RAW, which garnered significant excitement.


  • Who did CM Punk replace on the WWE RAW banner? CM Punk replaced Jey Uso on the official Monday Night RAW banner.
  • What does CM Punk’s replacement signify? It signifies a new era for WWE RAW, highlighting Punk’s return and prominence in the brand.
  • Will Jey Uso comment on being replaced? It’s unlikely, as both he and CM Punk are professional and maintain a mutual respect.
  • What is CM Punk’s goal in WWE currently? CM Punk aims to win the Royal Rumble match and potentially headline WrestleMania 40.
  • Who might CM Punk face at WrestleMania 40? He could face either Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins, with a match against Rollins being highly anticipated.
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