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CM Punk compares feud with MASSIVE WWE Superstar to being “married”

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In the dynamic world of WWE, rivalries are often the lifeblood of the industry, creating unforgettable moments and intense drama. One such rivalry that has etched its name in the annals of WWE history is that of CM Punk and John Cena.

Before Punk’s departure from WWE in 2014, he was widely recognised as a formidable adversary to John Cena, the then-face of the company.

CM Punk vs John Cena: The Rivalry That Reshaped WWE

CM Punk, known for his unfiltered persona and sharp wit, stood in stark contrast to Cena’s clean-cut image. Their feud, particularly highlighted by their iconic match at WWE Money In The Bank 2011 in Chicago, Illinois, where Punk triumphed over Cena for the WWE Championship, is still celebrated for its intensity and entertainment value.

In a recent charity interview with Elite Comics11 on Instagram, Punk reflected on his experiences working with Cena. He likened their professional relationship to a marriage, emphasising the ease and quality of their matches.

“We were married to each other, and it was always a night off and it was always easy,” Punk remarked during an interview with Elite Comics11 on Instagram, highlighting the seamless nature of their in-ring chemistry.

A Partnership Built on Trust and Professionalism

Punk’s comments shed light on the mutual respect and trust that underpinned their rivalry. He felt supported by the company during their feud, which not only boosted his confidence but also allowed him to explore and express his character more freely.

“They trust me enough, and I’m not gonna do anything st*pid; I’m not gonna hurt the guy,” Punk stated, underlining the professional ethos that governed their encounters.

This trust extended to the creative aspects of their rivalry, with Punk noting that they were encouraged to keep their matches fresh and engaging. “\

It’s always good, and it’s quality, and it was fun, and it was different, and they trusted me to keep it different, and it wasn’t the same thing all the time,” he explained.

CM Punk and John Cena: Parallel Paths in Wrestling and Beyond

Interestingly, Punk and Cena’s careers have seen them both stepping in and out of the WWE spotlight. Cena concluded his latest WWE stint in October, returning to Hollywood after a lengthy SAG-AFTRA strike, just a month before Punk made his own return to the company at Survivor Series: WarGames.

Their parallel paths highlight the evolving nature of a wrestler’s career, balancing the demands of the ring with opportunities outside it.

Both superstars have ventured into other realms, Cena with his growing Hollywood career and Punk with his time in AEW and other ventures.


  • What was the highlight of the CM Punk and John Cena rivalry?
    • Their match at WWE Money In The Bank 2011, where Punk won the WWE Championship, is often cited as the highlight.
  • How did CM Punk describe his working relationship with John Cena?
    • Punk likened it to a marriage, emphasizing ease, trust, and the quality of their matches.
  • What did Punk say about the creative aspect of their rivalry?
    • He mentioned that they were trusted to keep their matches different and engaging.
  • Have Punk and Cena pursued careers outside WWE?
    • Yes, Cena has built a successful Hollywood career, while Punk has been involved in AEW and other projects.
  • What makes the Punk-Cena rivalry stand out in WWE history?
    • It was a clash of contrasting styles and personalities, showcasing deep storytelling and professional wrestling artistry.
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