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CM Punk: MORE WWE and TNA teases take place at MMA event

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CM Punk, a name synonymous with wrestling, has been making more allusions to a return to WWE or TNA in the MMA scene, particularly at the Cage Fighting Fury Championship 127.

While CM Punk has been away from the wrestling ring, he hasn’t strayed far from the headlines. Fans and pundits alike are always on the lookout for any hint or indication of his potential return to WWE. And it seems his co-hosts at CFFC are well aware of this anticipation.

In a recent interaction, one of Punk’s co-hosts was spotted with a WWE logo peeking out from his pocket. This cheeky nod was followed by a comment about Punk needing a job, a clear jest at his wrestling past.

Another co-host playfully inquired if they were ready to field questions about CM Punk, referencing recent reports that WWE stars were briefed on how to address queries about him.

TNA Teases in the Mix

But WWE wasn’t the only wrestling promotion getting a nod. There was a mention of “Total Non-Stop Action” and a pronounced emphasis on the word “impact”, which many believe to be a tease towards TNA.

For those not in the know, TNA is set to be rebranded as IMPACT Wrestling, and they’ve openly expressed their interest in having Punk on board.

In fact, CM Punk was recently spotted backstage in Chicago during IMPACT’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view event. This has only fuelled the speculation about his potential involvement with the promotion.

The Return Everyone’s Waiting For?

Despite all the teases and hints, the big question remains: Will CM Punk return to WWE? Current reports suggest that WWE isn’t actively pursuing a reunion with the former champion.

However, in the unpredictable world of professional wrestling, anything is possible.

IMPACT Wrestling, on the other hand, seems more than willing to welcome Punk back into the fold.

With the doors of both promotions seemingly open, only time will tell where Punk decides to lace up his boots next.


  • What was the recent tease about CM Punk at the CFFC event?
    • One of Punk’s co-hosts had a WWE logo in his pocket, and there were playful references to Punk’s wrestling past.
  • Were there any hints about Punk’s association with TNA?
    • Yes, there were mentions of “Total Non-Stop Action” and a pronounced “impact”, hinting at TNA, soon to be rebranded as IMPACT Wrestling.
  • Is WWE planning a reunion with CM Punk?
    • As of now, reports suggest that WWE isn’t actively pursuing a return with Punk.
  • Has CM Punk shown any interest in IMPACT Wrestling?
    • Punk was recently seen backstage at an IMPACT event, fuelling speculations about a potential association.
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