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CM Punk could be looking for MASSIVE role post WWE in-ring career

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The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation about the future of CM Punk, a name that resonates with fans across the globe.

Punk, who recently made a return to WWE, seems to be eyeing a significant role beyond the ring, potentially in a leadership capacity within the WWE NXT brand.

CM Punk: Return to WWE and NXT Involvement

CM Punk’s return to WWE has opened doors to new opportunities. His presence in NXT, coupled with a couple of days at the WWE Performance Center, has raised questions about his long-term intentions.

While there were initial reports suggesting Punk might be looking to replace Shawn Michaels as the head of the Performance Center, these were quickly dismissed by sources close to the situation.

The Reality Behind the Rumours

Despite the swirling rumours, it’s important to clarify the current state of affairs. Ibou of WrestlePurists, known for his close connections with sources around Punk, suggests that Punk’s long-term goal might indeed involve succeeding the 58-year-old Michaels in heading up NXT.

However, WWE officials have indicated that such a transition, if at all it happens, is a long way off. There are no immediate plans for Michaels to conclude his tenure at NXT.

CM Punk: Interest in TV Production

An interesting aspect of Punk’s current involvement is his interest in observing TV production, a skill he honed during his time in OVW and often discussed with Paul Heyman.

This interest could be a significant indicator of his aspirations within the WWE framework, possibly hinting at a future role that combines his in-ring experience with production insights.

The Perspective from WWE Performance Center

Nick Hausman, during his Rumor and Innuendo podcast, shed light on Punk’s involvement with the WWE Performance Center.

He clarified that Punk’s presence at the Center isn’t expected to be a regular occurrence. Punk’s recent visits were more about working out and possibly attending to medical needs rather than any official capacity.

What Lies Ahead for CM Punk?

As of now, CM Punk’s future in WWE, particularly with NXT, remains a topic of speculation. While he has a plethora of possibilities ahead of him, any long-term plans are still in the nascent stages.

Punk is currently adjusting to his return and seems to be fitting in well within the WWE environment.


  • What is CM Punk’s current involvement with WWE?
    • CM Punk has recently returned to WWE and has been involved with NXT and the WWE Performance Center.
  • Is CM Punk replacing Shawn Michaels at the Performance Center?
    • There are no current plans for CM Punk to replace Shawn Michaels at the Performance Center, and such a transition, if it happens, is likely a long way off.
  • What interests does CM Punk have beyond wrestling?
    • CM Punk has shown an interest in TV production, a skill he developed during his earlier wrestling career.
  • Will CM Punk be a regular at the WWE Performance Center?
    • According to recent reports, CM Punk’s presence at the WWE Performance Center is not expected to be a regular occurrence.
  • What are the long-term plans for CM Punk in WWE?
    • CM Punk’s long-term plans within WWE, particularly with NXT, are still speculative, with no concrete plans revealed as of now.
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