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CM Punk: HUGE Potential Rumour Killer on WWE Board Meeting Call

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The speculation regarding CM Punk and a potential WWE return reached a fever pitch with talks of a scheduled phone call between Punk and WWE board members, hinting at a possible comeback.

However, a recent claim from Ringside News seems to indicate that this was not the case and that a “higher-up” in the company themselves threw water on this rising fire.

CM Punk WWE Return: The Spark of Speculation

CM Punk’s departure from AEW ignited a flurry of rumours about his next move. With Impact Wrestling and the NWA showing interest but lacking the financial clout to meet his price, eyes naturally turned to WWE.

Punk himself fanned these flames by posting cryptic messages, leading many to believe a WWE return was on the cards.

Rumour Meets Reality

Ringside News’ apparent investigation led them to a high-ranking WWE official who categorically denied any such call or negotiations.

Describing the rumour as “the fakest news in a world full of fake news,” the source emphasized that any reports suggesting ongoing talks were pure clickbait.

CM Punk: Current Stance

Despite not announcing his retirement, CM Punk remains a free agent in the wrestling world.

His future, particularly regarding WWE, is shrouded in uncertainty. While the wrestler has not closed the door on his career, the lack of active discussions with WWE suggests that a return might not be imminent.


  • Is CM Punk returning to WWE? Currently, there are no ongoing talks or plans for CM Punk’s return to WWE.
  • What sparked the rumours about CM Punk’s WWE return? Speculation began after Punk’s departure from AEW and was fuelled by cryptic messages he posted, along with reports of a supposed call with WWE board members.
  • Has CM Punk retired from wrestling? CM Punk has not publicly announced his retirement from wrestling.
  • Are the rumours about CM Punk’s WWE return true? According to a high-ranking WWE official, these rumours are unfounded and have been described as “the fakest news.”
  • What should fans keep in mind about wrestling rumours? Wrestling news is often filled with speculation; fans should wait for official announcements and take rumours with caution.
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