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CM Punk is privately DENYING WWE return talks

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The wrestling community is abuzz with speculation, but CM Punk appears to be steadfast in his stance: there are no ongoing discussions about a WWE comeback.

Despite the whirlwind of rumours, Punk has been clear with his inner circle that any talk of negotiations or meetings, particularly around the Survivor Series event in Chicago, is off the mark.

The Rumor Mill in Overdrive

The rumour mill is an ever-churning fixture in the pro wrestling world, often fueling fan theories and speculation. Recently, it has been working overtime with whispers of CM Punk’s potential return to WWE.

However, Punk has apparently been quick to quash such rumours, maintaining that there is no truth to the speculation, according to Sean Ross Sapp on his Backstage Report podcast:

“I can tell you that CM Punk has told close friends of his [that] ‘no that is not accurate.’ No board meeting planned, not scheduled for Survivor Series” SRS revealed.

CM Punk: Current Stance

CM Punk’s relationship with WWE has been a topic of much discussion since his departure. After being fired from AEW, Punk has not appeared in any other wrestling promotion, leading to increased speculation about his future.

Despite the buzz, Punk has personally denied any ongoing talks with WWE to those close to him, including any rumoured meetings with WWE board members or appearances at the Survivor Series.

Impact Wrestling Appearance: A Red Herring?

Adding to the intrigue, Punk was recently seen backstage at Impact Wrestling television tapings. This sighting has only added fuel to the speculative fire.

WWE’s Position on the Matter

WWE has reportedly not engaged in any discussions with Punk, despite the latter’s alleged attempts to reach out.

This has been corroborated by multiple sources within the industry, including Punk himself, who have all denied the existence of any such talks.


  • Is CM Punk returning to WWE?
    • As per current reports and statements from CM Punk himself, he is not in talks to return to WWE.
  • Was Punk at Impact Wrestling tapings?
    • Yes, CM Punk was spotted backstage at Impact Wrestling tapings, but this does not indicate a WWE return.
  • Could CM Punk return to wrestling with another company?
    • While anything is possible in wrestling, there are no confirmed reports of CM Punk negotiating with any wrestling promotions at this time.
  • What has been doing since leaving AEW?
    • Specific details of CM Punk’s activities since leaving AEW have not been made public, beyond denying WWE return rumors.
  • How reliable are the reports of Punk denying WWE return talks?
    • The reports come from credible sources within the wrestling industry, including statements made by CM Punk to his close friends.
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