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CM Punk REACTS to report regarding his “meeting” with WWE

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The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation and intrigue as reports of CM Punk and an alleged meeting with WWE board members have surfaced.

With WrestleMania on the horizon, the rumour mill is working overtime, especially concerning the former “Real” AEW World Champion.

The whispers of Punk’s return to WWE have reignited, but what does the man himself seemingly have to say about it?

CM Punk: Cryptic Social Media Activity

CM Punk has always been a master of keeping fans on their toes with his social media presence. Recently, he fanned the flames of speculation by dropping a cryptic message on his Instagram story.

Mentioning two legendary WWE authority figures and an old hotspot known for high-profile meetings, Punk’s post was a nod to the wrestling insiders: “Meeting with Phil Zacko and Jack Tunney at the Chia club, brother,” Punk quipped.

It seems he’s enjoying the swirling rumours and isn’t keen on letting the stories of his WWE return simmer down.

CM Punk on Merchandise Sales and Fan Support

Amidst the rumours, Punk has not shied away from engaging with his fanbase. He recently acknowledged the top WWE and AEW merchandise sales, expressing gratitude towards the fans for their support, particularly for Danhausen.

This interaction highlights Punk’s awareness of his influence and the commercial aspect of the wrestling business.

The Second City Savior’s Potential WWE Comeback

The possibility of CM Punk returning to WWE is a tantalising thought for many wrestling enthusiasts. His name alone would draw a significant number of viewers, eager to see how WWE would utilise the “Second City Savior”.

While nothing is set in stone, the interest in Punk’s return is undeniable, and the impact it could have on WWE’s viewership and storytelling is substantial.


  • Is CM Punk returning to WWE?
    • There is no official confirmation of CM Punk’s return to WWE; it remains speculative at this point.
  • What did CM Punk post on social media?
    • CM Punk posted a cryptic message on his Instagram story, referencing two legendary WWE figures and a known meeting spot, stirring rumours about his WWE return.
  • How has CM Punk interacted with fans recently?
    • Punk has acknowledged merchandise sales and thanked fans for their support, particularly highlighting Danhausen.
  • What would CM Punk’s return mean for WWE?
    • CM Punk’s return could potentially bring a surge in viewership and introduce new storylines, given his star power and history with the company.
  • Where can I follow updates on CM Punk’s wrestling career?
    • Ringside News is closely monitoring the situation and will provide updates on any developments regarding CM Punk’s career.
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