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Was there a CM Punk reference on WWE RAW?

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The world of professional wrestling is no stranger to surprises, teases, and cryptic messages. Recently, the WWE Universe has been buzzing with speculation about a potential nod to the former WWE superstar, CM Punk, during an episode of WWE RAW.

During a segment on the October 2nd edition of WWE RAW, Seth Rollins delivered a promo that caught the attention of many fans.

Michael Cole, who shared the ring with Rollins, uttered a line that seemed eerily familiar to long-time wrestling viewers.

He mentioned, “… How about ‘manipulator’, ‘puppeteer’ at times. But it seems like this time around, you’re actually the puppet.”

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The CM Punk Connection

For those well-versed in wrestling history, this line bears a resemblance to a famous promo by CM Punk from his ROH days.

Punk had once declared, “This is my stage, this is my theatre. You are my puppets, and I pull those marionette strings, and I use your emotions, and I toy with them. Because honestly, I get off on it.”

Furthermore, just a week prior, Seth Rollins had proclaimed himself as the “best in the world”, a title often associated with the former WWE Superstar.

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Is it more than a Coincidence?

While the similarities are hard to ignore, it’s essential to approach such speculations with caution. Wrestling promotions, including WWE, are known for their intricate storylines and teases, which may or may not culminate into something substantial.

In a recent statement, Punk mentioned having “some time on his hands for a couple of months”. While the exact context of this statement remains unclear, some fans speculate it could relate to a non-compete clause.

If this speculation holds any weight, it might suggest that Punk could make an appearance at the Survivor Series, especially since it’s taking place in his hometown of Chicago.

However, as of now, there’s no concrete information about CM Punk rejoining WWE. It remains a topic of speculation and guesswork.

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  • Did Seth Rollins reference CM Punk on WWE RAW?
    • Seth Rollins did not directly reference the Second City Saint. However, a line from Michael Cole during Rollins’ promo reminded fans of a famous CM Punk quote from his ROH days.
  • Has Punk confirmed his return to WWE?
    • No, there’s no official word on CM Punk returning to WWE.
  • When did Punk last appear in WWE?
    • CM Punk left WWE in 2014 and has since been involved in various other ventures, including UFC and AEW.
  • What did CM Punk say in his ROH promo?
    • CM Punk said, “This is my stage, this is my theatre. You are my puppets, and I pull those marionette strings, and I use your emotions, and I toy with them.”
  • Is the Survivor Series taking place in Chicago?
    • Yes, the Survivor Series is set to take place in Chicago, which is CM Punk’s hometown.

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