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ECW legend claims SURPRISE WWE Superstar could REPLACE CM Punk

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In an intriguing turn of events, ECW icon Tommy Dreamer has recently voiced his opinion on a potential surprise replacement for CM Punk in WWE.

With Punk currently sidelined due to a torn triceps injury, Dreamer sees none other than R-Truth as the ideal candidate to fill the void left by Punk’s absence.

WWE News: The Case for R-Truth

During a candid discussion on the Busted Open Radio podcast, Dreamer expressed his belief in R-Truth’s capability to step up to the main event scene.

Dreamer highlighted R-Truth’s current popularity, noting his impressive merchandise sales with only a mid-level push. He posed the question, what if WWE decided to fully back R-Truth with a significant push?

Dreamer regards R-Truth as a unique figure within the WWE Universe, someone who has consistently entertained fans with his antics, including memorable moments like his unexpected entries in the Royal Rumble.

WWE News: A Potential Main-Eventer?

Dreamer elaborated on a scenario where R-Truth’s friend, The Miz, could play a pivotal role in Truth’s ascent to main-event status.

He imagines The Miz confronting R-Truth, urging him to realize the overwhelming support he has from the WWE Universe and the potential he has to win big for them.

Dreamer firmly believes that with the right storyline and continued support from fans, R-Truth could easily become a main event star beloved by the audience.

R-Truth’s Unique Appeal

R-Truth’s appeal lies in his ability to connect with the audience through humour and relatability. His “inside joke” status within the WWE Universe makes him a standout character, one who can seamlessly blend entertainment with athleticism.

Dreamer’s endorsement of R-Truth underscores the veteran’s insight into what makes a WWE superstar resonate with fans.


  • Who is Tommy Dreamer?
    • Tommy Dreamer is a legendary professional wrestler, best known for his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).
  • What is CM Punk known for?
    • CM Punk is renowned for his 434-day reign as WWE Champion, one of the longest in the championship’s history.
  • Why does Tommy Dreamer believe R-Truth can replace CM Punk?
    • Dreamer believes R-Truth’s popularity, character appeal, and potential for main-event success make him an ideal candidate to step into CM Punk’s role.
  • Has R-Truth been a main event star before?
    • While R-Truth has had a successful career, including holding various titles, Dreamer’s comments suggest a belief in R-Truth’s untapped potential to rise to main-event status with the right push.
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