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CM Punk reveals HOW he kept WWE Survivor Series return a secret

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In a stunning revelation, CM Punk disclosed the strategy behind keeping his WWE Survivor Series return under wraps.

After nearly a decade away, Punk made a dramatic comeback at Survivor Series: WarGames 2023, held in his hometown of Chicago, IL. His return, a well-guarded secret, left fans and the wrestling community in awe.

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CM Punk on The Art of Secrecy in Wrestling

Punk, speaking on Peacock’s ‘WWE 2024 Preview’ special, shared insights into the day of the event.

He emphasised the importance of discretion in the wrestling business, stating, “Nobody knew. That’s how you get things done in this business. You keep things close to the vest. You don’t leak stuff. That’s when the magic happens.”

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A Magical Homecoming

Describing his emotions, Punk recounted the overwhelming experience of walking out to his theme song in front of a home crowd after such a long absence.

“There were so many things going through my head. The nerves, people I hadn’t seen in ten years. I had questions, concerns, and maybe even worries. It was all solved the instant the song hit and I walked out in front of my hometown. I couldn’t hear the song anymore.

“I didn’t know my cues. All of it went out the window, I couldn’t hear the song, I could only hear the people. It was a magic moment” Punk added.

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CM Punk: His Future Endeavours

Following his return, Punk participated in the WWE Holiday Tour and is set to make his TV in-ring return in the Men’s Royal Rumble 2024 match.

His comeback not only marks a significant moment in his career but also adds a thrilling chapter to WWE’s history.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long was CM Punk away from WWE?
    • Punk was away from WWE for nearly a decade before his return.
  • Where did CM Punk make his WWE return?
    • He made his return at Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 in Chicago, IL.
  • What did CM Punk say about keeping his return a secret?
    • Punk emphasized the importance of keeping plans close to the vest and not leaking information to maintain the element of surprise.
  • What is next for CM Punk in WWE?
    • CM Punk is set to participate in the Men’s Royal Rumble 2024 match and continue his in-ring appearances on WWE TV.
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