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CM Punk WWE role during injury seemingly leaked

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In the dynamic world of WWE, where the action inside the ring is just as compelling as the stories outside, the latest buzz surrounds CM Punk, a superstar currently on the sidelines due to a torn triceps injury.

Despite his physical setback, Punk’s presence within the WWE universe remains strong, hinting at a new role that could see him engaging with fans in a different capacity.

WWE News: Punk’s Current Status

CM Punk, who has been recuperating from surgery following a torn triceps, has been a familiar face backstage at WWE events, notably making an appearance at Smackdown in Birmingham.

This appearance came just a day after his surgery on February 1, 2024. Furthermore, Punk has been active at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, lending his expertise and experience in various capacities.

WWE News: A New Role on Commentary?

The wrestling community is abuzz with speculation about Punk’s next move, fueled by comments from his close friend Ace Steel on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast.

Steel revealed that WWE is keen on having Punk join the commentary team during his recovery period. This potential shift to commentary is seen as a way for Punk to stay connected with the WWE audience while he heals.

However, Steel expressed concerns about Punk’s onscreen presence, particularly in relation to Drew McIntyre. Given their history and the storyline that led to Punk’s injury, there’s a palpable tension that could distract from his commentary role.

Steel suggests that if Punk were to take on this new role, it might be more fitting away from the main spotlight, possibly on NXT, to avoid direct conflict with McIntyre.

The Implications of Punk’s Commentary Role

WWE exploring the option of Punk on commentary is not just a testament to his versatility but also to the company’s ability to adapt and utilize its talent in various roles.

Punk’s sharp wit, insight into wrestling, and undeniable charisma could add a fresh dynamic to WWE programming.

However, fans and insiders alike are waiting for an official announcement to see if this transition from in-ring competitor to commentator will materialise.


  • What injury is CM Punk recovering from?
    • CM Punk is recovering from a torn triceps injury.
  • Has CM Punk appeared on WWE TV since his injury?
    • While Punk has been seen backstage at WWE events, he has not taken on an official on-screen role since his injury.
  • What role is CM Punk rumored to be taking on during his recovery?
    • Punk is rumored to be considered for a role on the WWE commentary team during his recovery period.
  • Why is there concern about Punk’s potential commentary role?
    • Concerns mainly revolve around his potential on-screen interactions with Drew McIntyre, given their storyline and Punk’s injury.
  • Is there an official confirmation on Punk’s new role?
    • As of now, there has been no official confirmation from WWE regarding CM Punk’s role on the commentary team.
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