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CM Punk makes BIG claim about Seth Rollins

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In a recent WWE Preview Special 2024, broadcasted on Peacock, CM Punk, a renowned figure in the wrestling world, made a significant statement about his potential future opponent, Seth Rollins.

Punk, known for his straightforward and often controversial remarks, did not hold back in expressing his views on Rollins’ career and his own influence in the wrestling industry.

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CM Punk: Perspective on Rollins’ Career

During the interview, CM Punk candidly shared his thoughts about Seth Rollins.

He stated, “I’m in a position where it feels maybe strange, me vocalising it but I think Seth (Rollins) is a guy, at least I definitely thought it 10 years ago, that he’s a dude that I don’t think would have gotten the opportunities he has gotten if it wasn’t for me.”

Punk’s comment suggests a belief that Rollins’ success in the wrestling world is, in part, a result of the path Punk himself paved in the industry.

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Facts Over Feelings

Punk emphasized his point by adding, “That might hurt some people’s feelings but facts are facts. They don’t care about your feelings.”

This statement underlines Punk’s confidence in his role as a trailblazer in wrestling, impacting the careers of other wrestlers, including Rollins.

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CM Punk: Return and Ambitions

After a decade-long hiatus from WWE, CM Punk has made a triumphant return, declaring his intention to win the Royal Rumble 2024.

He mentioned that he has been “training his a** off” and is prepared to start at number one in the Rumble, showcasing his dedication and determination to reclaim his position at the top of the wrestling world.


  • What did CM Punk say about Seth Rollins?
    • CM Punk claimed that Rollins might not have received his opportunities if it weren’t for Punk’s influence in the industry.
  • Is CM Punk participating in the Royal Rumble 2024?
    • Yes, CM Punk has announced his intention to win the Royal Rumble 2024.
  • What was the nature of Punk’s comment about Rollins?
    • Punk’s comment was a mix of self-assuredness and a belief in his significant impact on the wrestling industry.
  • How is Punk’s dog, Larry, doing?
    • Larry is recovering well after his ACL surgery, as shared by Punk.
  • What is the significance of Punk’s statement?
    • Punk’s statement highlights his perceived role in shaping the careers of other wrestlers and sets a compelling narrative for his return to WWE.
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