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CM Punk reveals WHY he believes Seth Rollins hates him

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, rivalries often blur the lines between reality and performance. Recently, CM Punk, a renowned figure in the wrestling world, shed light on his tumultuous relationship with fellow wrestler Seth Rollins.

In a candid interview on Jackie Redmond’s NHL Show, Punk delved into the reasons behind what he perceives as Rollins’ animosity towards him.

CM Punk vs Seth Rollins: Understanding the Rivalry

Punk’s insights into their strained relationship reveal a complex dynamic. He believes that their similar career paths might be the root cause of the tension.

Punk pointed out that while both have shared similar stages, there are experiences unique to his journey that Rollins hasn’t encountered.

This, according to Punk, could be a source of underlying resentment.

The Perspective of CM Punk

Punk expressed that he has always seen Rollins as a peer, never intending to belittle him or treat him as a ‘little brother’.

However, he feels that Rollins harbours a deep-seated dislike towards him, comparing their animosity to famous sports rivalries.

Punk’s perspective is that he can discuss his career without mentioning Rollins, but the reverse isn’t true for Seth: “We’re very similar. The difference is, I can talk about my career, and not have to mention him. He cannot talk about his career without mentioning me.”

The Impact on Their Careers

This ongoing feud, whether real or part of their wrestling personas, has undoubtedly impacted both wrestlers’ careers. It adds a layer of intrigue to their professional interactions and fuels the anticipation for their potential clashes in the ring.

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  • What did CM Punk say about Seth Rollins? CM Punk believes Rollins dislikes him because of their similar career paths and Rollins’ feeling of being overshadowed.
  • Did CM Punk treat Rollins as a ‘little brother’? Punk stated that he always tried to treat Rollins as a peer, not as a ‘little brother’.
  • Is the rivalry between Punk and Rollins real? It’s unclear how much of the rivalry is real and how much is part of their wrestling personas.
  • How does this feud affect their wrestling careers? The feud adds an extra layer of interest to their matches and public interactions, enhancing their professional wrestling storylines.
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