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CM Punk: Former AEW star makes BIG claim about WWE Superstar

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Recently, a former AEW star, Sonny Kiss, shed light on her experiences with CM Punk, a prominent figure in the wrestling world, known for his outspoken nature and exceptional in-ring skills.

Despite his polarising persona, CM Punk, a former three-time AEW World Champion, has been described as “very kind” by Sonny Kiss, a statement that might surprise many given Punk’s often contentious public image. This revelation came during an exclusive interview with Steve Fall of Wrestling News, where Kiss opened up about her interactions with Punk during their time together in AEW.

Kiss’s comments come in the wake of CM Punk’s tumultuous departure from AEW, following a backstage altercation with Jack Perry. This incident led to the termination of Punk’s contract “with cause” in September, ending his two-year stint with the promotion.

However, more than two months after his firing, Punk made a dramatic return to WWE at the Survivor Series 2023, marking his first appearance in the company in nine years.

The Impact of CM Punk in AEW

Kiss highlighted Punk’s positive influence in AEW, noting his approachability and respectfulness. She recalled how Punk, on his first day at AEW, took the initiative to understand how to address her respectfully, a gesture she found very kind and considerate. This account contrasts with the often-contentious image of Punk portrayed in the media and by some fans.

Furthermore, Kiss acknowledged Punk’s polarizing nature in the wrestling industry but also recognized his value in elevating a company’s profile.

Echoing the sentiments of Cody Rhodes, she mentioned, “What’s good for business, is what’s good for business,” implying that Punk’s presence in AEW was beneficial despite the controversies.

CM Punk’s Return to WWE and Future Feuds

Punk’s return to WWE has been a topic of much speculation and excitement among fans. Reports have already started to surface about his potential feuds and storylines in the company, indicating a promising future for him in WWE.

His ability to draw attention and create compelling narratives is expected to be a significant asset to WWE, just as it was in AEW.


  • Who is CM Punk? Punk is a professional wrestler known for his time in WWE and AEW, famous for his in-ring skills and charismatic, often controversial, persona.
  • What did Sonny Kiss say about CM Punk? Sonny Kiss described Punk as “very kind” and respectful during their time together in AEW, offering a different view of Punk’s personality.
  • Why was CM Punk fired from AEW? CM Punk was fired from AEW following a backstage altercation with Jack Perry, leading to the termination of his contract “with cause.”
  • When did CM Punk return to WWE? Punk returned to WWE at the Survivor Series 2023, marking his first appearance in the company in nine years.
  • What impact did CM Punk have in AEW? Despite being a polarizing figure, CM Punk was seen as a positive influence in AEW, helping to elevate the company’s profile.
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