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AEW star makes BIG CM Punk claim after injury announcement

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In a heartfelt expression of solidarity, AEW’s Thunder Rosa has made a significant claim about CM Punk following his recent injury announcement.

During an emotional segment on WWE’s Monday Night RAW, CM Punk disclosed that he would be sidelined for an extended period due to a triceps injury, ruling him out of WrestleMania 40 this April.

This revelation has sparked a wave of empathy across the wrestling community, with Thunder Rosa leading the charge in voicing her support.

WWE News: The Emotional Impact of CM Punk’s Announcement

Thunder Rosa, known for her fierce competitiveness and a strong sense of camaraderie, stated on the Busted Open Radio podcast that anyone who didn’t feel for CM Punk during his announcement must be a psychopath:

“If that was his plan, to make people feel empathetic for what he’s going through, then I think he did an amazing job. Even if you hate CM Punk, there was at one point, you feel some sort of empathy. You had to. If not, then you are a psychopath.”

WWE News: Wrestling Community Rallies Around Punk

The wrestling world is no stranger to injuries, but Punk’s recent announcement has struck a chord with many, including veteran wrestler Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer praised Punk’s promo on RAW as “amazing” and “real,” emphasising that no one deserves to be sidelined by injury.

Rosa echoed these sentiments, adding that Punk’s ability to draw empathy, particularly through sharing personal stories like his friend’s battle with cancer, showcases his profound impact on the wrestling community.

The Road to Recovery and Anticipation for a Return

CM Punk is expected to be out of action until around September, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his return to the ring.

Despite the setback, Punk and Drew McIntyre have teased a potential future match, adding an element of excitement and speculation about what’s to come once Punk is cleared to compete again.


  • What happened to CM Punk?
    • CM Punk announced on WWE’s Monday Night RAW that he is sidelined with a triceps injury and will miss WrestleMania 40.
  • What did Thunder Rosa say about CM Punk’s injury?
    • Thunder Rosa stated that anyone who didn’t feel empathy for CM Punk during his announcement is a “psychopath,” highlighting the emotional impact of his promo.
  • When is CM Punk expected to return?
    • CM Punk is expected to be out of action until September.
  • Did CM Punk and anyone tease a future match?
    • Yes, CM Punk and Drew McIntyre teased a potential future match despite McIntyre’s contract expiring in April.
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