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CM Punk: Would Triple H welcome him back to WWE? What we currently know

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CM Punk has once again been the talk of the town when it comes to professional wrestling this week, but could he potentially return to WWE?

When Punk initially left the company back in 2014, it certainly was NOT on good terms. Following a lawsuit and a lot of bad words back and forth, Phil Brooks would eventually ply his trade in the UFC.

With the former WWE Champion having now been fired from All Elite Wrestling, there are a lot of fans wondering whether or not we could see him make a huge return to WWE. So, what do we currently know about the situation and the likelihood of that actually happening?

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CM Punk WWE Return Rumours

As of writing, we have only been able to get information regarding Punk’s status in WWE from one of our sources, so we are currently treating this as rumour as opposed to completely verified. With that in mind, we believe that what we have been told does hold some weight, so we’ll be presenting that in this article.

In terms of Punk’s status backstage in WWE, we were told that the initial issues between him and Triple H had supposedly been ironed out when Punk went backstage at RAW a few months ago: “Last I heard internally from WWE’s end was when Punk turned up backstage a few months ago. He squashed the beef with Hunter before he left, they spoke for a short while one to one” is what we were told directly.

Vince McMahon also appears to be amenable to a return for the Second City Saint: “From what I’m told, Vince wouldn’t mind bringing Punk back if each party could find an agreement” is what was relayed.

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Would Triple H bring back Punk?

Finally, we were told that Triple H would likely only bring back someone like Punk if it were for a long-term reason rather than a one-night pop. “Hunter will do what is ‘best for business’ but it HAS to make sense and he won’t do certain things for a pop. He’s interested in long-term thinking. If Punk did come back, I wouldn’t bank on it being by Royal Rumble. My guess would be either road to Mania, or shortly after, if it was to happen – no guarantees.”

We will hopefully be able to get more information on this in the coming days and weeks, but again as of writing we were only able to get information on this from one of our sources, so we’re hoping to verify with others as soon as we can.

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