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CM Punk was VERY HAPPY with endorsement from WWE official before re-signing

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CM Punk, a renowned figure in the world of professional wrestling, recently made headlines with his decision to re-sign with WWE.

This move came after a significant endorsement from Shawn Michaels, a WWE official and wrestling legend. Punk’s response to this endorsement was far from casual; he took Michaels’ words seriously, indicating the weight such an endorsement carries in the industry (as reported by Sean Ross Sapp in a recent Backstage Report for Fightful Select).

The Impact of Michaels’ Words

Shawn Michaels, affectionately known as HBK, expressed his desire for Punk to join NXT, WWE’s developmental brand.

Some met this public endorsement with scepticism, but Punk’s actions spoke volumes about his regard for Michaels’ opinion.

Punk’s frequent visits to the Performance Center and his involvement in NXT since his return showcase his commitment and respect for Michaels’ perspective.

A Harmonious Relationship

The relationship between CM Punk and Shawn Michaels extends beyond professional courtesy.

Sources from NXT revealed that the two got along exceptionally well, both on-screen and off-screen, during the NXT Deadline event.

This rapport is a positive sign for Punk’s future in WWE, especially in NXT.

CM Punk Return to WWE: A New Chapter

CM Punk’s return to WWE marks a new chapter in his storied career. His previous stint with WWE ended on a less-than-ideal note, and his time in AEW was also tumultuous.

However, his current run in WWE seems to be different, with Punk appearing motivated and content. His work ethic and enthusiasm have been inspiring to many within the industry.


  • What was Shawn Michaels’ role in CM Punk’s decision to re-sign with WWE?
    • Shawn Michaels publicly endorsed CM Punk for NXT, a move that Punk took seriously and which influenced his decision to re-sign with WWE.
  • How did CM Punk respond to Shawn Michaels’ endorsement?
    • CM Punk showed his appreciation for Michaels’ endorsement by frequently visiting the Performance Center and actively participating in NXT.
  • What does CM Punk’s return to WWE signify?
    • Punk’s return to WWE, especially after his endorsement from Shawn Michaels, marks a new and potentially more positive phase in his professional wrestling career.
  • How is CM Punk’s relationship with Shawn Michaels?
    • CM Punk and Shawn Michaels share a good relationship, both professionally and personally, as evidenced by their interactions at NXT Deadline.
  • What can fans expect from CM Punk in his current WWE run?
    • Fans can expect an inspired and motivated CM Punk, who seems to be enjoying his time in WWE and could bring exciting developments to the wrestling scene.
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