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CM Punk: WWE likely to keep potential return as SECRET as possible

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The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation regarding CM Punk and a potential return to WWE. Despite being let go from AEW due to backstage issues, the rumours surrounding his comeback to WWE have not subsided.

Fans are keenly observing every move, every hint, and every whisper that might suggest a reunion between Punk and the company where he became famous.

CM Punk WWE Return: The Rumour Mill Keeps Turning

Ever since CM Punk’s departure from AEW, fans have been on the edge of their seats, wondering if he would make a return to WWE or perhaps venture into the likes of Impact Wrestling.

The constant reports suggesting WWE’s disinterest in Punk’s return have not deterred the fans. Many believe they have spotted teases of CM Punk on WWE broadcasts, further fuelling the speculation.

Behind the Scenes

Recent reports have indicated that there is currently no ongoing dialogue between WWE and CM Punk. It was revealed that WWE had previously turned down Punk’s overtures.

However, in the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, situations can change rapidly. Dave Meltzer, during a segment on Wrestling Observer Radio, addressed the topic of CM Punk’s potential WWE return.

He mentioned that while the current status remains unchanged, WWE might opt to keep any budding interest under wraps until the perfect moment arises: “I was told it’s a ‘no.’ That doesn’t mean forever, because it’s wrestling, but I’ve heard nothing new. My gut is that if something happens, maybe they would want to keep it a secret, but I was told it’s a ‘pretty strong no,’ and you know that’s the deal.”

CM Punk: Exploring Other Avenues

While the WWE door might seem closed for now, CM Punk has other options on the table. He was recently seen backstage at Impact Wrestling television tapings, sparking another set of rumours.

Additionally, Billy Corgan, the president of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), has extended a heartfelt invitation to CM Punk to join the NWA.

Although both companies might not match his expected remuneration, they seem to promise a fulfilling experience in the wrestling ring.

The Future Remains Uncertain

The next steps for CM Punk remain a mystery. Will he return to the squared circle? And if so, under which banner? Only time will reveal the answers.

Some believe he might be waiting for WWE to reconsider their stance on his return. Whatever the outcome, the wrestling community will be watching closely.


  • Did WWE reject CM Punk’s advances?
    • Yes, reports suggest that WWE previously turned down CM Punk’s overtures.
  • Was Punk seen at Impact Wrestling events?
    • Yes, he was spotted backstage at recent Impact Wrestling television tapings.
  • Has the NWA shown interest in CM Punk?
    • Billy Corgan, the president of the NWA, has extended an invitation to CM Punk.
  • Is there any confirmation of CM Punk’s return to WWE?
    • As of now, there is no confirmation regarding CM Punk’s return to WWE.
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