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Cody Rhodes: WWE Hall of Famer claims he has played a “huge part” in his career

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Cody Rhodes, a name that resonates with wrestling fans worldwide, is undeniably one of the biggest stars in WWE today.

His journey to stardom, however, is a tale of hard work, perseverance, and the guiding hand of a WWE Hall of Famer.

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Cody Rhodes: The Guiding Hand of a Hall of Famer

In the twilight of 2011 and the dawn of 2012, a pivotal feud unfolded between Cody Rhodes and WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T.

At the time, Rhodes was a rising star, and his rivalry with the multi-time world champion helped him solidify his position on the roster.

Booker T, in a recent interview with Muscle Man Malcolm, expressed his belief that he played a “huge part” in Rhodes’ success.

He stated, “I feel like I got a huge part in Cody Rhodes’ success. I chose to put Cody Rhodes over [in 2011]. I wanted to work with Cody. I just saw [a] world championship-calibre athlete in Cody.”

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The Impact of the Feud

Booker T’s decision to work with Rhodes and put him over was a strategic move that had a profound impact on Rhodes’ career trajectory.

Booker T believed in Rhodes’ potential and saw a future world champion in him. His decision to work with Rhodes not only boosted Rhodes confidence but also provided him with invaluable experience.

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Rhodes’ Ascension to Stardom

Following his return to World Wrestling Entertainment at WrestleMania 38, Rhodes has proven that he belongs at the top of the card.

His performances have been nothing short of stellar, and he has established himself as a mainstay in the main event scene.

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