Cody Rhodes called Vince McMahon’s “dream of a talent”

Cody Rhodes WWE AEW Signees Jump

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WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes made a huge splash in his return to the company at WrestleMania 38, defeating Seth Rollins.

Noted wrestling personality Jim Cornette recently discussed the return of the former AEW star, and he said that the American Nightmare is the “dream talent” for someone like Vince McMahon.

“This is the atmosphere for Cody Rhodes, he is a genuine sports entertainer and the entrance, the Cody countdown and the presentation for this audience, and he’s so well-spoken” Cornette would begin.

“Right now, he is Vince McMahon’s dream of a talent. He looks good, he wears a suit, he dresses up, you can push him as a star, and he goes out and he delivers verbally, and he can work” Cornette concluded.

Cody Rhodes and Vince McMahon

Rhodes is currently scheduled to be taking on Seth Rollins once again at the Hell in a Cell match at the namesake’s PPV event.

It’s not currently known what Cody will be doing following that, but he is likely to be getting an even bigger push beyond this feud.

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