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Cody Rhodes reveals idea for unused Stardust mask that looked like A CONDOM

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Cody Rhodes has revealed a bizarre unused idea from his first WWE run.

The American Nightmare is a second-generation wrestling star. Due to his talent and lineage, he was signed by WWE at a very young age. The company originally pushed the young star with storylines such as his team-up with Randy Orton.

The last couple years of his first WWE run, however, were not as pleasant. Cody was given a new gimmick as Stardust and he had to do many bizarre things in his new character. Now he has revealed one such bizarre idea that thankfully never saw the light of day.

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Cody Rhodes on the Stardust mask

Cody talked about the Stardust character in his most recent interview on Dale Download with Dale Earnhardt Jr (H/t Fightul). He revealed that at one point, WWE had pitched the idea for him to wear a mask:

“At one point, I had the paint, but there was an actual mask that was pitched. This was an area where I spoke up. I put it on and it’s like a classic condom blowing up. It looked so bad. I get there is an element of humor to what I’m going to do, but they have to be laughing with you, they can’t be laughing at you.

According to Cody Rhodes, the mask design looked like a mix of the mask of Electro from Spider-Man and a Condom. Rhodes revealed that he talked to Vince McMahon about it:

“It looked like a condom meets Electro from the Spider-Man comics. I told Vince [Vince McMahon], ‘I can’t do the mask it looks so bad.’ I went and shaved my head like Dustin. I’m glad the mask never saw the light of day. Stardust had some milestones, and I did go into it committed to try and change it, but it wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

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