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Cody Rhodes makes huge claim regarding WWE schedule

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Cody Rhodes, a prominent star of the WWE RAW programme, recently opened up about the demanding schedule of the WWE.

With events such as Raw, SmackDown, Main Event, the NXT shows, and house shows happening every week, the WWE calendar can indeed be daunting.

The frequency of these events means that WWE stars spend a significant amount of time on the road, fulfilling their busy schedules.

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Cody Rhodes on The Tradeoff for Passion

Despite the rigorous schedule, Rhodes expressed his love for the job and the sacrifices it entails. He emphasized the importance of passion and sacrifice not only for the wrestlers but also for their families.

Rhodes, who has a family of his own, considers himself fortunate to have his own tour bus, which provides him comfort during his travels.

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The Reward of the Ring

Rhodes candidly shared his experiences of the past ten years, driving around with fellow wrestlers, arguing, and hunting for food at odd hours. However, he also highlighted the rewarding aspect of their job: “The schedule can be very daunting. It’s a gig that you have to really, really love and your family too. You, if you’re someone who has a family like myself, my wife, and my daughter, that love has to, everyone has to know about passion and sacrifice. I am very lucky in the sense that I have my own tour bus, and that’s where I’m comfortable right now” he said to ESPN Radio.

The WWE has been experiencing a surge in popularity, and the wrestlers feel rejuvenated every time they step out in front of the cheering crowds. Despite the physical toll and the gruelling schedule, the love from the fans makes it all worth it.

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