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Conor McGregor: Reference to UFC megastar you may have missed from WWE SmackDown

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A reference to UFC and mixed martial arts legend Conor McGregor took place on WWE SmackDown last week, but you may have missed it.

The reference was so subtle that many viewers might have missed it. The nod to McGregor came from Grayson Waller, a rising star in WWE who is also a massive MMA fan.

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Grayson Waller’s Debut and the Conor McGregor Tribute

Waller made his main roster debut in a match against Edge. Before the match, Waller struck a pose that was a clear tribute to McGregor’s stance during his fight against Eddie A at UFC 205.

This detail was pointed out by journalist Ariel Helwani on Twitter. Waller confirmed the tribute by responding to Helwani’s tweet with “Two MSG Main Eventers.”

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Waller’s Rise in WWE

Waller’s tribute to McGregor is just one of the many highlights of his burgeoning WWE career. Despite being new to the main roster, Waller has been involved in high-profile moments with top WWE stars.

He has shared the ring with John Cena at Money in the Bank and hosted guests like Charlotte Flair and Logan Paul on his in-ring chat show.

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Waller’s Performance Against Edge

Waller’s in-ring debut against Edge was impressive, even in defeat. After the match, Edge acknowledged Waller’s performance by telling him “You swam,” referencing their earlier segment where Edge told Waller it was time for him to “sink or swim.”

Waller’s performance has reportedly earned him high praise backstage, marking a successful transition to the main roster.

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Waller’s Journey in WWE

Waller’s journey in WWE has been unique. Despite suffering a broken leg, he continued to appear on WWE television. His resilience and dedication to his craft have not gone unnoticed, and his recent in-ring debut marks a significant milestone in his WWE career.

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