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WWE Superstar DELETES Twitter account after ‘complaining’ about booking

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In a surprising turn of events, WWE superstar Cora Jade has taken a drastic step by deleting her Twitter account.

This move came after she made several posts during the NXT Great American Bash, an event she was not a part of.

The former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion seemed to express her dissatisfaction about being excluded from the card.

This interpretation of her tweets was shared by many fans, potentially leading to her decision to deactivate her account.

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WWE: The Controversial Tweets

Cora Jade’s tweets raised many eyebrows among the WWE community. One of her posts read, “I remember when I was on a PLE in April of 2022 🤘🏻”.

Accompanying this, she posted a photo by a pool with the caption “Lol”, which some interpreted as her indifference towards the show that was about to start.

There were also other tweets that were posted before her account was deactivated. While some suggested that the tweets were intended to be in character, they nonetheless drew criticism.

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A Look Back at Cora Jade’s WWE NXT Career

The April 2022 event Jade was referring to in her tweet was NXT Stand & Deliver 2022. During this event, she, along with Io Shirai (now IYO SKY) and Kay Lee Ray (now Alba Fyre), faced then-NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose in a four-way match for the title.

Jade also participated in the October 2022 event, NXT Halloween Havoc, where she faced her former tag team partner Roxanne Perez in a ‘Weapons Wild’ match.

She also competed in NXT Deadline in December 2022 in the women’s Iron Survivor Challenge. Jade’s last match on NXT TV was against Dana Brooke in a Kendo stick match.

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The Aftermath of the Deactivation

As of now, Cora Jade’s Twitter account remains deactivated. There has been no further comment from the NXT star regarding this matter.

However, her Instagram bio now reads, “I don’t have Twitter and never will :)”. This move has left her fans and the WWE community in a state of surprise and speculation. It remains to be seen how this decision will impact her career and her relationship with her fans.

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