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MASSIVE WWE prospect posts cryptic message hinting at possible exit

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In a recent turn of events that has left fans in a state of bewilderment, a promising WWE star has hinted at a possible exit.

The hint came in the form of a cryptic message posted on social media following an unexpected loss during a recent WWE NXT match on July 25th.

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WWE NXT: The Unexpected Loss

The match in question was a kendo stick match between Dana Brooke and Cora Jade, two wrestlers who have been at odds recently.

The match was particularly notable for the new look and attitude of Dana Brooke, who sported a Cat Woman style mask and displayed a more aggressive demeanour than usual.

The match ended with Brooke securing a decisive victory over Jade, a result that was unexpected by many.

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Cora Jade: The Cryptic Message

Following the match, Cora Jade took to Twitter to post a single word: “Bye”.

The brevity and ambiguity of the message have led to widespread speculation about what it could mean. Without any further elaboration from Jade, fans are left to wonder if this could be a hint at her departure from WWE.

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The Backdrop

It’s worth noting that Dana Brooke’s appearance on NXT was somewhat unusual. Despite not being announced as a “free agent”, she was drafted to the Raw brand in the 2023 WWE Draft.

Other free agents, such as Baron Corbin and Mustafa Ali, have been explicitly noted as having the “free agent” status, allowing them to move between the main roster and NXT.

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