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TOP WWE NXT Superstar will be out of action for nearly a YEAR

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In a recent development that has sent ripples through the WWE NXT universe, Cora Jade, a prominent figure in the wrestling community, faces a significant setback.

Jade, who was just gearing up for a robust return to NXT, now confronts a lengthy hiatus from the ring. This news comes following an unfortunate incident during a high-profile match.

WWE News: The Incident and Diagnosis

During a main event match on January 12th, 2024, against NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria, the match was abruptly halted due to an apparent injury to Cora Jade.

Concerns were immediately raised about her knee. Subsequent to this event, on a recent episode of WWE NXT, it was confirmed that Jade had suffered an ACL injury.

This diagnosis spells a near year-long absence from the ring, a daunting prospect for any athlete at the peak of their career.

WWE News: The Road to Recovery

Cora Jade now faces the prospect of surgery and a prolonged period of rehabilitation. This development is a significant blow to her career momentum, especially considering her rising prominence in NXT.

The recovery process for an ACL injury is both physically and mentally challenging, requiring not just physical healing but also immense mental resilience.


  • What happened to Cora Jade?
    • Cora Jade suffered an ACL injury during a match against Lyra Valkyria.
  • How long will Cora Jade be out of action?
    • She is expected to be out of action for nearly a year.
  • What does this mean for her career?
    • This hiatus poses a significant challenge, but it also offers Jade time to recover and potentially come back stronger.
  • Will she require surgery?
    • Yes, surgery is likely necessary for her ACL injury.
  • How will this affect the NXT women’s division?
    • Her absence will impact storylines and opportunities within the division, potentially opening doors for other wrestlers.
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