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MAJOR Update on WWE NXT star following injury

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In a recent development that has left WWE NXT fans concerned, Cora Jade, a prominent figure in the NXT roster, suffered a significant setback.

Jade, who had just made a much-anticipated return to NXT, experienced a serious injury during a live event, casting a shadow over her wrestling future.

WWE News: Cora Jade’s Unfortunate Setback

Cora Jade’s return to WWE NXT was met with enthusiasm both by fans and the brand itself. However, this excitement was short-lived.

During a recent NXT house show, Jade sustained an injury, later confirmed by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer as an ACL tear.

The severity of this injury remains unclear, but it raises questions about her ability to compete in the near future.

WWE News: Immediate Response and Medical Attention

Following the incident, Jade received prompt medical attention. Indi Hartwell, a fellow wrestler, shared a photo of Jade in the hospital, indicating the seriousness of the situation.

ACL injuries, particularly in the high-impact world of professional wrestling, can be quite severe and often require a significant recovery period.


  • What injury did Cora Jade sustain?
    • Cora Jade suffered an ACL tear during a WWE NXT live event.
  • Is there a timeline for Cora Jade’s return?
    • The exact timeline for her return is currently uncertain, as it depends on the severity of the injury and her recovery process.
  • How has the injury affected WWE NXT?
    • Jade’s injury is a significant loss for WWE NXT, affecting storyline developments and her presence in the ring.
  • Has Cora Jade received medical treatment?
    • Yes, she has received medical attention following the injury, as indicated by a hospital photo shared by Indi Hartwell.
  • What is the fan reaction to Jade’s injury?
    • Fans have expressed concern and support for Jade, hoping for a speedy and full recovery.
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